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Miss Alcaraz is an outstanding percussionist in the international field, both for her concert and didactic work, and for being part of the jury of the most prestigious international competitions.

Her extensive concert career has led her to perform in Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and the United States.

Alcaraz has performed as a soloist with the Cordoba Orchestra, Murcia Region Symphony Orchestra, Elche Symphony Orchestra, UNKO Finland, University of Minnesota Symphony Orchestra, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and percussion groups ESCLATS, KONTAKTE and OJA.

She has a major teaching role with the Young National Orchestra of Spain, the Youth Orchestra of Andalusia and the Young Orchestra of Cordoba, as well as various training courses, specialization and high performance, in Spain and abroad.

Director of "ConUCOpercusión", international percussion competition in Córdoba. Percussion coordinator at the International Piano Festival "Guadalquivir Pianístico".

She has been awared of St. Thomas de Aquino, recognition by the University of Cordoba for her cultural work in the city.

Representative of Spain in "Marimba2010" of the United States.
1st Prize of the "Torneo Internazionale di Musica 2002" (Tarascon, France).

Renowned composers such as Juan de Dios García Aguilera, José Luis Turina, Leo Brouwer and Igmar Alderete Acosta, have dedicated different works to her.

Alcaraz has made several recordings for the National Radio of Spain and has recorded the "Concert for Marimba and Orchestra" by Igmar Alderete Acosta with Manuel Hernández Silva as conductor and the Cordoba Orchestra.

Since 1992, she is assistant of timpani and percussion of the Cordoba Orchestra. She is an artist endorser of the brands Roft Mallets, Encore Mallets, NP and REMO.

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