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  First movement: Allegro energico
  Second movement: Lento tempo di bolero
  Third movement: Allegro con fuoco
  First movement, Cadeza

First recording of the Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and Orchestra
by Igmar Alderete Acosta
Carolina Alcaraz: marimba
Cordoba Orchestra
Manuel Hernández Silva: Conductor

Recorded in September 2007 in the SUM
Gran Teatro de Cordoba by Albert Moraleda
and published in November 2009,
By "Edicions Moraleda Albert."



GINASTERA: Estancia,
VALERO-CASTELLS: Polifemo y Galatea,
ALDERETE: Concerto n.1 for marimba and orchestra.
Carolina Alcaraz, marimba.
Manuel Hernandez Silva, Conductor.
Ediciones Albért Moraleda, 0201, 52', DDD

If orchestras want economic foothold in difficult market disográfico you must go for little hackneyed repertoire. Hence, we praise the courage of entry of the Cordoba Orchestra with its director in the current program to us.

Finally, another great piece of invoice, the Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra No.1, act in Igmar Alderete, who is also a composer of the first violinists of the orchestra of Cordova, which is defended by braveness Carolina Alcaraz.



MELOMANO, Recommended discs.

Classical Music Magazine # 139
February 2009
Section LISTEN:

The “ Orquesta of Cordoba” has established itself as one of the best bets among the renovated symphonic formations created twenty years ago.

With its current owner director, Manuel Hernández Silva, the orchestra presents his fourth album since the teacher assumed the title in 2005. This recording brings together three contemporary scores to some extent linked to the history of the orchestra. (...)

Finally, the most spectacular works in this record is the Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and Orchestra by Igmar Alderete Acosta, a member of the first violins of the Andalusian group, who dedicated the score to percusionist Carolina Alcaraz, flaunting a stellar player in this piece based on African and Cuban rhythms.

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